Atlantic Seaboard: Beaches Close To The Three

26 September 2017

There is no doubt that Cape Town has some of the finest beaches in the country, and some of these beaches are located along the Atlantic Seaboard.

Atlntic Seaboard

The Three Boutique hotel is lucky to be located in the vicinity of the Atlantic Seaboard of Cape Town. The area is a vast stretch from Victoria & Alfred Waterfront on the north shore of Table Mountain all the way down the west side of the cape peninsula to Hout Bay.This is among the most visited beachside areas during summer. As summer is approaching, we have thought of giving you insight on the beaches closest to the hotel that is well - worth visiting. 

If you would like to explore the Atlantic Seaboard, a good place to start with obviously be the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Not a beach though, it is a world-class shopping centre right at the waterfront. It is perfect for those that like the breeze of the sea, the smell of ocean water while shopping. It is also perfect for those the enjoy the sea but not the sand. The V&A Waterfront is located just a 10 minutes drive to V&A Waterfront and we can arrange for our shuttle to transport you to and from, or organise an uber for you.

Along the seaboard, you ware also met with Fresnaye, Bantry Bay and Clifton. Fresnaye is very laidback and is ideal if you are looking for a quiet area to relax without crowds of people hovering around. Bantry Bay affords you spectacular panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoys magnificent sunsets as well as the popular wind -free beach, Saunders Rock. Clifton has views of Lion’s Head and the expansive Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are named for their position, from First till Fourth, and each one offers its own personal flavour.he beaches play host to a number of activities and water sports of all varieties. Fourth beach is the largest and the most popular of the four beaches and is also known as the most glamorous. Yachts anchor in the waters of Fourth, giving it an extra luxurious flair. Frequented by surfers, models and families alike, Fourth beach is more often than not teeming with sun umbrellas and beach towels.

Then comes Camps Bay and Bakoven, a strolling distance from Fourth Beach, it is the most cosmopolitan beach, picturesque and boasts palm tree-lined boulevard consists of numerous pavement cafés, bistros, lounges and restaurants.There is a constant humming of people, day and night. The spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and rocky beach faces never fail to impress; sundowners are a must when visiting Camps Bay.

If you want to explore more of the Atlantic Seaboard, Llandudno and Hout Bay are a little further away but still provide the same unique experience along the seaboard. 

Restaurants, bars and cafes abound on the Atlantic Seaboard, so if you want to grab a quick breakfast, lunch or a drink before you hit the beach, you can do so. 

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