Why Capetonians Love The Cape Malay Cuisine!

20 July 2017

The Cape Malay cuisine is a cuisine peculiar to Cape Town and is typically a mix of traditional South African dishes, especially of the West Coast, with Malaysian, or Eastern influences. The Cape Malay cuisine is usually aromatic, with distinct flavors of a myriad of oriental ingredients. Its flavours have remained a favorite to the locals, and have ever since remained a profound part of the South African diverse culture, influencing people's identities. It has also, over the years become something for tourists to look forward to when visiting the Cape. 

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How did the Cape Malay Cuisine come to being?

The Cape Malay cuisine has a long-standing history, to which the cuisine celebrates. It all began in the years of slavery and colonization, in the 16th century. This was the time when European settlers enslaved millions of Afro-Asian, most of the peoples from the East Indies to work as slaves in the Cape Colony.The population of these people were largely Muslims, captured and sent into exile from colonies such as Madagascar, India, Ceylon and what is now known as Indonesia. With time, a community, rich of diverse peoples grew, and with diverse cultures integrating and crossing all cultural boundaries, came what is now known as The Cape Malay culture - and as anywhere else in the world, food brings people together, hence the Cape Malay Cuisine. 

Popular amongst the cuisine are dishes such as bredie, frikkadels, denningvleis, sabananvleis, pinangkerrie, sosastie and bobotie, although some flavours and recipes have changed little over the years. Stews curries, roasts, and baked vegetables also form part of the Malay cuisine, with the usual peppery and spicy bite. A meal often ends on a sweet note, with desserts like malva pudding or milk tart, often referred to as " melktert", koeksisters and much more.

The Three Boutique Hotel has recently introduced an authentic Cape Malay menu that has been well-received by our guests. We are running a winter special on this menu, which means you can enjoy a gourmet, 3-course Malay dinner. If you want a real Cape Malay experience while visiting Cape Town, book your Cape Malay dinner when you book your accommodation with us.

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